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Hello there.

So glad you stopped by.

Art has been the great surprise of my life.

I think often- "I get to do this?"

I'm from Leavenworth, Washington.

I've sold up to 45+ pieces of work, have had 6 featured artist gallery shows, countless small shop shows, and painted live something like 15 times.

I work with acrylic mostly and will at times mix my mediums for variation, texture and movement.


Regarding design, I love putting together a result that is intriguing, harmonious, and true to the owner whether it be an event, room, or exterior.

I have been known to paint entire rentals knowing I'd have to paint them back to the original neutral color after moving out.

The many types of art & design I work with include canvas, mural, book illustration, weddings, events, flowers, homes, & offices.


Most art work is available for commission and print. Please don't hesitate to send me an email in the contact section if you'd like to chat about possibilities. Thanks for stopping by!



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